This month at Binkley!

What is play based preschool?

At Binkley, we have always believed that children learn best through play. We know that open ended activities foster creativity, curiousity and problem solving.  

What we offer is intentional play. At Binkley, thought goes into every activity offered in our classrooms. Our children are not just playing in the sensory box, they are learning the basics of measuring (and the fact that it is cinnamon and flour just makes it sweeter!) When we go on a nature hunt on our large, wooded playgrounds  we are learning botany.  As we fit gears together or build a tower with classmates, we are budding engineers.  

Binkley Preschoolers use all of their senses along with gross and fine motor skills to experience the world with safe, age appropriate play that creates the foundation for a lifetime of learning!

All about STARS!




Which Gingerbread story did the Honeybees like the best?