October News from the Two's Class

posted Oct 8, 2014, 6:29 AM by Unknown user

September in the 2’s class: some tears, but lots of smiles and giggles, too!  Although it can be sad to say good-bye to our families in the morning, the children are gaining confidence that they will have fun and be safe at school.  Among other things, the 2’s are learning how to sit in circle time, wash hands before snack, and share and interact with new friends.  We are singing lots of songs, reading books, and have painted at the easel several times.  The “Wheels on the Bus” is one of our favorites this year.  Mrs. Mastin and Mrs. Donovan have given lots of hugs and reassurances.

As October begins, the new uncertainties are becoming comforting routines.  We will continue to reinforce the knowledge that school is a safe and fun place with the repetition of our “Good Morning” song during circle time, our snack routine, and a lot more hugs.  As the school year progresses, each month will be themed by a color and a shape.  Orange circles will take the stage in October as we paint and decorate paper circles, study pumpkins and balls, and celebrate Halloween.   We’ll practice Trick-or-Treating and play pretend with dress-up costumes.  Our Fall/Halloween-themed songs are “Old Mrs. Witch” and “Once I had a Pumpkin.” The highlight of the month is our Halloween party (October 30 for TTh class and October 31 for MWF class). The in-class celebration will follow a school parade to show off our costumes.  Parents and friends are encouraged to line up, cheer and watch the fun!

We are looking for volunteers to come in to class and help us bake pumpkin muffins.  Please let us know if you are available to help with this fun job.

It is not easy to be two/three years old.  Your children are learning to separate from you and to rely on the teachers to keep them safe.  They are meeting new friends, practicing their manners, and learning to play nicely.  There are a lot of new rules, routines and expectations.  Many of them are using the potty for the first time.  As adults we can forget how challenging all of this can be for our little ones.  Please continue to be patient with the process and join us in celebrating their PROGRESS rather than expecting PERFECTION.    This is such a very short time in their/your life; we encourage you to take the time to really enjoy this learning process with them.

We know that the classroom feels a bit hectic in the mornings during drop-off time, and we are trying to focus our attention on the children to help them with the transition.  We don’t mean to neglect you!  So, please feel free to contact us any time with your concerns or questions.  We can talk on the phone, email or set up a conference.   

Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us.  

Jamie Mastin & Sarah Donovan