Time with the Twos

The Binkley two year old class is a safe, fun environment where your child will get a gentle introduction to school.  We focus on learning through play! We will set your child up for success as they move on in school with:
  • a feeling of security to explore and investigate
  • a foundation in self-help, social and communication skills
  • fundamentals in preparation for future language, cognitive and math learning

Ask us about the things we do in class.  We love to talk about what we do and why we do it.  You might be surprised at how much thought is put into every activity in the two year old class.  Similarly, we welcome parent input and involvement.

Jamie Mastin joined the Binkley Family when her son Sam attended the Twos class in 2005. She jumped at the chance to join the staff in 2006 and became the lead teacher for the Twos in 2007. Mrs. Mastin is a native of Chapel Hill and a graduate of Guilford College in Greensboro. She loves art, music, Disney World and playing and learning with children. She thinks that two and three year olds are the coolest! 

Two's News

  • October News from the Two's Class September in the 2’s class: some tears, but lots of smiles and giggles, too!  Although it can be sad to say good-bye to our families in the morning, the children are gaining confidence that they will have fun and be safe at school.  Among other things, the 2’s are learning how to sit in circle time, wash hands before snack, and share and interact with new friends.  We are singing lots of songs, reading books, and have painted at the easel several times.  The “Wheels on the Bus” is one of our favorites this year.  Mrs. Mastin and Mrs. Donovan have given lots of hugs and reassurances. As October begins, the new uncertainties are becoming comforting routines ...
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  • So excited about our new website We are so excited about Binkley Preschool's new website.  We look forward to a fun new way to keep you up to date!!Jamie Mastin and Sarah Donovan
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Beautiful Children!

For more pictures of your child please follow the appropriate link below.  You will need a Shutterfly account and teacher permission to access this secure site.

Monkey's Snack Calendar

Sarah Donovan has been associated with Binkley Preschool since 2002 when her oldest son attended.  She joined the Binkley staff in 2007.  Mrs. Donovan is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and her professional background is in Manufacturing and Production Planning.  Now she thinks that the production of neural pathways is a better use of her time! Her specific interests are in language development, particularly in dual-language children, and learning through play.  Mrs. Donovan is currently studying Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at NC State University.  She LOVES two and three-year-olds!!
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