Music with Miss Sharon!

Sharon Gan joined the Binkley
staff in 2014.  In addition to teaching the children at Binkley, Sharon teaches at several preschools in the Triangle.  She is the founder of Heart Strings Mandarin, a Mandarin music and movement program for young children that focuses on acquiring useful language. Sharon is a classically trained pianist who has a graduate degree in Expressive Therapies with a specialization in Music.  

Her goals with the Binkley children include the following:
  • musical goals such as the enjoyment of music, exposure to a variety of musical styles as well as musical instruments, aural skills, understanding of basic musical concepts;
  • social skills such as turn-taking, working in groups, listening to and following directions;
  • gross and fine motor skills;
  • content area learning;
"When I teach music, I try to engage the children through the auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile modalities.  This multi-sensory approach ensures that every child is engaged and therefore, learning can take place."