All ages at Binkley experience a gentle, age appropriate introduction to the performing arts.  Whether it is pretending to be an autumn leaf, or a tiger in the circus, we believe drama allows the children to develop confidence, speaking skills and creative expression.
Every spring, each of our classes perform a small show for family and friends.  Our two year olds act out  the "Three Little Pigs." Our three year olds perform classic Nursery Rhymes and our fours put on an entire circus!
In addition, the Binkley fours classes participate in a Drama "workshop" weekly where they enjoy extending a picture book story using their imagination to act and explore.  We learn and have fun using stories such as Big Pumpkin, Going on a Leaf HuntGoldilocks and the Three BearsThree Billy Goats GruffThe Gingerbread Man, and Caps for Sale