It's Letter Bag Time!!

posted Dec 14, 2013, 1:14 PM by Unknown user
We are starting a letter awareness program called "Letter Bag."  For the remainder of the school year on your child's assigned snack day they are asked to bring in a brown grocery bag filled with up to 5 items that start with the same letter.  This can be any letter of their choosing, but we ask that the items all make the same type of letter sound (i.e. all hard or all soft sounds).  The children will give clues to their classmates as to what is inside their letter bag and we will all try to guess what it contains.  On your child's day, please help them to select a letter, write the letter on the outside of the bag, make their selections, and come up with clues for the items.  The children have lots of fun giving the clues, guessing the items and learning their letters and sounds in the process!  It is also a great opportunity for some public speaking practice, too.  Thanks for your help with this!