Community Service

Each year the Binkley Family chooses at least one charity to support.  Our primary goal is of course, to contribute to the community that we love. We also want to help our children understand the concept of giving back, so we try to choose agencies or events that preschoolers can understand. In 2013, we collected children's clothing for victims of the tsunami in the Philippine Islands, last year children brought the diapers that they had outgrown to give to the Diaper Bank of NC.   

Every year, we support our neighbor, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Meals on Wheels.  Meals on Wheels has been housed at Binkley Church almost as long as we have!  Our children get to know the staff and the volunteers and they see the daily deliveries being prepared.  Every child can understand the importance of a hot meal once a day. Our classes make cards to decorate the holiday meals and we have a yearly "Pennies" campaign.  It is heart warming to watch our preschoolers as they earnestly put the pennies that they have saved into our Angel Pig then, excitedly, add their sticker to our goal chart (or, as you can see, to our pig!)