Binkley's Curriculum

At Binkley Preschool, we know that children mature to their
own biological clock.  Our emphasis is on challenging them intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally by providing them with experiences that are both age and individually appropriate.  Teachers set the stage for hands-on learning in a stimulating manner that will instill excitement, curiosity, problem solving, sharing and freedom of expression.  It is the role of the teacher(s) to act as a facilitator - answering questions, offering encouragement, redirecting problem situations and helping children focus on tasks.  Binkley aims to foster in each child a sense of independence an
d a positive self image.  Children learn best by doing! Curriculum is an ongoing learning process and it is facilitated through the use of interest centers.

Our teachers strive to integrate important skills into all of their lesson plans.  Gross and fine motor, self help, language, math and science are just a few.  Learning to live and cooperate within the classroom community and beyond is a goal for all Binkley Preschoolers.